Mystery Helmet/Ebay Question



Anyone here ever bought a "Mystery" from someone using the ebay ID: ishipslow

I'm just curious. Was reading his feedback and wanted to check here with you all to see if anyone has done business with him.

He also says he is making them, so, I am just checking to make sure he's ok.
I've seen his auctions alot lately, but haven't actually purchased one from him. Seems like there have been alot of fiberglass mystery helmets pop up from different "makers" lately. Hate to throw the "R" word around, but I wonder if they're recasts of a certain some one's helmet.
Ooohh, you said the dreaded "R" word!!!! This could get very in-depth and complicated. Who owns what, who cast from who and who owns the cast from a cast....

cal196 wrote:

Dont touch that helmet with a 10 foot pole.

Ok, lol. You all have never lead me in the wrong path before, so I won't rebid on it. I knew I asked the right question in the right place. of course, I have no clue as to what the "R" convo is about, but I trust your judgements. :)
Just out of curiosity, I contacted him to see if he sells them outside of ebay. 200 shipped. *singing* "Tempted by the fruit of another..."
Recasting is wrong. There are rare exceptions like casting off an original piece like the gauntlet calculator etc. but that is blatant plagiarism, plus its not that good of a recaste.
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