My weekend armor project....


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I've finally put primer on my new armor, taken off my first Fett molds. I was also able to get the back armor to match up with the neck armor, bolted. I can't wait to start painting!


And a closeup of the chest armor...

Back/neck armor attachment...

There's still some tweaking to do on the molds, the chest dents are a little out of proportion, and the outsides of the left and right chest pieces need to be more 'indented'. At this point, I'll have to wait until AFTER DragonCon to do that.

Comments and friendly critisism welcome... :)
Nice work! I love how you were able to get the collar and back armor lined up and connected. Also great job getting the lip on the backplate in the neck area. I've noticed that not many others have that (including me).
Thanks for the compliments, guys!

For years, I never knew the backplate was SUPPOSED to connect to the neckpiece. On mine, I always had an inch-wide gap between the two. After seeing all the closeup shots from MoM, I had to change my ways. Funny how that always seems to happen.

Bobo, you'll notice that when you hold the neckpiece to the backpiece, the body curvature isn't quite right...yet. The backplate seems to bow out, or the neckpiece seems to lift up (depending on your viewing angle). When you get ready to attach yours (after initial sanding), do this:

1) Line up the pieces and drill the holes in the appropriate areas. Screw in the bolts. You'll have to flex the pieces in order to get all four bolts connected.

2) Use tape (I used duct tape) to curve the neckpiece down towards the bottom of the backplate.

3) Put the contraption in a warm car for a day. That styrene will mutate just enough to bend the pieces slightly, without warping.

I'm not sure if you get the visual. Let me know, and I'll try to get some pics up.
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