My sleve is riding up my hose..know what I mean


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How do you keep your Jumpsuit sleve from riding up? Evertime I bend my right arm, my gauntlet hoses push my sleve up. I have pinned the sleve to the hose but it's pretty hard to get a pin throught the hose. I was just wondering what everyone else does... Another post reminded me of this..



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Hi J-Rock. Yes I know what you mean. Double check the hose length with your gear on. Sometimes the hose is just too long. I then drilled a hole through the hose, ran a bolt with washers on each side threw it. I then took some elastic and formed a "U" sewing the top of this near the shoulder on the "inside sleeve. Bolted the elastic to the lower "u" and it works real well, allows flexibilty and natural movement and doesn't bind, twist or expose itself. Hope this helps