My Shoulder Bells !

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My Shoulder Bells ! BOTH FINISHED NOW !!

Earlier this week I recived the shoulder bell from Bobamaker. Great work and I already can´t await to order more from him. :)

Anyway, I started working on them yesterday with just coating them silver.

I am using acryls, cause these are the only kind of color I can really work with.
Today I finished the right side bell. What ya think ? It has a more orange color in person.

Will working on the left side bell tommorrow.
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Thanks everyone :D
mrgr8ness said:
Looks great to me. Can you reveal the acrylic colors you used and procedure? I am getting close to doing mine. Thanks

The colors I use are RAYHER DECOART colors. They are available at the local hooby store. I am not sure how well they are known outside europe, cause the only language translations on the bottles are german, french, netherland, and italy.
As said these are acryls. Unfortunatly they are not able to air brush, so the regular brush is your only choice here. They are try within 10 minutes, so a fast working is possible.
First I put on a smooth layer of number 164 cornyellow. Then I applied number 208 mandarin, around the edge using trybrush technique. I removed the masking fluid from the dings and surrounded them with 166 honey yellow. Using a wash of black and brown to dirty it up and adding a few more yellow details made this complete.

Decal goes to the left bell Qman101 ;)