my shin tools


Here is a pict of my shin tools.They're made mostly out of sintra. Basically I'm posting this because I'm getting ready to start upgrading from my fisrt fett costume I did at halloween. I'm having to make a new blaster because mine broke and I thought while I'm at it I might redo my shin tools. Any sugestions. Don't worry about offending me. I went to art school for illustration and they show no mercy. Be as picky as you want.

I figured while I was at it I'd post a pict of my blaster before it got destroyed. I don't know how well you can see the blaster, but if you notice anything that can be improved let me know. Please excuse the rubies helmet. It was all I could afford while making this other stuff. I now have a new helmet on the way.

:D i think it looks cewl.

this is the rubies mask right? not the helmet?
maybe if you get one of those 70 bucks helmets, be it a jango or a boba, doesnt matter, then it looks less warpy, if yu apply a simmilair visor and paint job as you did on the mask, itll be cewl (er)!!!

whats wrong with the shin tools anyway? I mean, you can hardly see em anyway ones theyre in the shin pockets, and even if theyre out these look awesome!
shin tools are actually the only parts I still need, and ill be 100% done with v1.01.
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