My ROTJ flightsuit and vest

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I used a light grey cotton twill for my flight suit and vest.
I knew all along that the flight suit color was exact to the cd reference pics online and the vest was not. I decided to bleach the vest to a lighter grey color so there would be contrast between it and the flightsuit. I used 1cup of bleach 2-3 gallons of water and soaked the vest for 20-25
minutes. The result is not a lighter grey but the exact color without the sheen that is on the reference cd. Wow!! cannot believe my luck. This is the ref cd pic (hope it's ok did not get permision), i will post my comparison pics soon.


Here is mine as promised.....
:eek: Very nice. I've just finishing sewing my suit with a near identical looking material. Might give the vest/bleach thing a go :)

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Hey Fab,

looking pretty good. I like the colours a lot. You'll need to weather the living daylights out of it though. Can't believe I beat JMP and Seeker to the weathering issue. ;)

Great work. pics of the whole thing would be cool.

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