My Prop Palace Suit (now dyed - ROTJ)

Thanks John. I am glad your situation has a possible good outcome.
Thanks for the compliments :D
It is always nice to get positive feedback (or any feedback) with such a time consuming (and aggravating) project such as this.

The boots are Mark Chengs.
Also, I told Anton at Star Fortress Productions that the members of TDH and 501st Legion are always looking for quality products, and that I would pass the word about him to all of you. He wants as badly as all of us for the Prop Palace crap to go away. He wants your business, so after I get my stuff and give the all clear, please give him your business. He's not Prop Palace, though he is from the Philippines. If you do place an order with him, he wants you to mention my name John Barrows, Jr. or just TK-1776. But wait until I get my stuff and I'm sure things are on the up + up, okay? Thanks!

John Barrows, Jr.
Awesome...just awesome! A cheap solution to a BIG problem.

Well done Bob! I'm amazed!!! :eek:(y)

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