My Painted RussRep Rocket...


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Here's my freshly painted russrep rocket. I'm happy with the paintjob(all of the black), but I'm not very happy with the misted-on grey. The arrow shows were the freakin' paint chipped off while I was doing the wash and mist...


Ronin677 said:
can you explain how you painted (a little step by step breakdown).
Sure man,

Step 1: I completely spray-painted every piece ultra-flat black.
Step 2: Next I scraped out all the details with an exacto knife.
Step 3: Then I sprayed on a light coat of satin polyurethane clear coat.
Step 4: Then, with a kinda dark grey enamel model paint, I brushed it (in small portions) on each piece, Then I emedietly started dabbing the areas that are painted with the grey with a paper towel, until it made the black look kinda grey. I didn't put any grey on the little fin things on the middle piece, exept the very bottom fins on each side. All of the top fins were left "un-washed"
Step 5: With some silver spray paint, I very lightly misted the entire rocket, but I sprayed a little more on the bottom side of the rocket.(You cant really see the silver at all in the picture...damn camera:lol:)
Final Step: I clear coated it again, and then the rocket is complete!

Thanks Guys!

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Thanks guys! When I can get ahold of a better camera, I'll post some new pictures. These pictures dont really show the detail very well.

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