My newly purchased armor


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Hello all, just purchased some Fett armor quite cheapley off eBay, i'm curious, how do i apply the dents into the armor as mine have none. Also has anyone got a detailed picture of the paint job, mines ok but not movie accurate. Thanks I'm struggling putting images up, any tips?
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There are pics ALL over the place here. Plus a few archived pictures of the original suits. Just use the search function and you should be able to find them and ALL KIND of different ways to dent your armor up and paint it as accurately as you want.

As for image posting, you can scroll down on the posting page and use the "attach files" section. Also the insert image button takes a hyperlink to your image if you have it online already. Just put your link between the tags. You can display images "inline" that way.

Good luck!!! Lets see your armor as it progresses!


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Hello and welcome! If you want reference pictures of the real armor then go here:

Use the following log on info:

User name: tdhmember
Password: ilovetdh

As far as putting in the dents is concerned, reference those pictures of the armor, take a lighter and hold it under the plastic in the area of the dent. Where some sort of gloves so you don't burn yourself and push the plastic in gently with your thumb where the dents belong. Be careful not to hold the heat there too long or it'll melt it too much... Once the dent is the way you like it immediately hold it under cold water to set the plastic in place.


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Thanks for the suggestions, unmodified pics below