My New Style Mando Armour

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Here is my New Style Mando Armour that im working on, using Sintra. I have gone for a different look to the normal Mando Armour, but still have the same sections. Chest and Leg Armour already cut out and sanded, ready for paint job, after shaping with heat gun. Hope you like the look.

Mando Chest Armour 01.jpg

Mando Leg Armour 01.jpg
Thanks guys, Im working on my Helmet also, I have pics of how it looked when i bought it, up to how it looks now, ready for the final paint job. That too is slightly different in the way it looks. I'm not going to have a stork, just to of the same looking ears. Here is a pic of the Lid, before any work on it started.

Mado Stage 01.jpg

Mando Stage 01d.jpg
Here is two pics of the Helmet, with the Dent filled in and a new ear made out of the Sintra put on the side of the Lid. I will post over the weekend some more pics of the Armour and the Helmet.

Mando Stage 02e No Dent.jpg

Mando Stage 02d.jpg
Daedric Armour ? not seen that, this was an idea i had one boaring weekend working in I.T. So i draw up some rough drawings then started to work it in Sinta.
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Before I shoot for the night, here is my shoulder bells to add to the look. You will have to forgive the quality of the shots, my camara is on its way out, hehe.

Mando Shoulder Armour 01.jpg
dude very awsome. i to am redoing the armor but keeoing the elements...

but why the cool flare? what kind of mando is it? its looks like jungle style or even hand to hand (cause of the spike like fetures).
Hi guys, glad you asked what kinda Mando i'm working on, it's going to be a Jungle Sniper kinda Armour. Good for Sniper work on Endor and the like kinda worlds. Here is a pic of the Leg Armour shaped but unpainted...

Mando Leg Armour 02.jpg
Most of my Amour is now shaped and so I can now work on the Painting stage now. Here also is a pic of my Helmet face on, with matching ears.
I start work on he paint job very soon. Thank you for all your comments so far, this is my first effort at making a custom Mando.

Here is a look at the colour scheme that my lid will end up looking more like, when i get the paint this coming week, the rest of the Armour will also follow the same scheme... the blue in the back of the Helmet are cut outs, with mesh inside

Helmet Colours New 04.jpg
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