My new sintra armor

Del Fargazer

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I completed (Ha ... never really complete!) my Fett a little while back and am now in the 'fix it up mode'. I redid my helmet recently and figured my armor need some work as well. I always thought it was too big, so I've decided to try a smaller 'cut' this time to see how that works out.

Here is where I'm at so far with working on a smaller set from sintra. I've got the pieces cut out, shaped and the dents added ...





I'm going to just recut/shape my collar and back plate as they took the most effort to shape in the first place.
Here the armor with the first overall coat of paint on it and ready for weathering and details. The chest armor is the only 'new' stuff for me, the other parts, back plate, collar, cod and butt plate I had made before but I am going to repaint them as well to make them all the same.


Gator Fett:
For the holes I just drilled straight thru the sintra and then glued a small piece of thin plastic to the back of the armor.
Thank heavens for xmas break.
I finally got my armor painted up.

Here are a few in-progress shots with the yellow and before any silver or weathering/scratches, etc. ....


And here is one of the finished armor ....

I'm pleased with the outcome overall.
hey, Del F, how do you paint the armor? the yellow was just painted up, and then the silver, or do you masked all?
I really like your work........congratss
Great job. Great use of the all topical paintjob. I am planning on doing topical as well as soon as I am not working 90 hours a week :(. Maybe sometime in 07 :D
Hey Chewiepal.
All topical, no masking ... just painted up the yellow and then the silver over that, followed by bits of white, silver few sprays of flat black and some rubbing and scratching (Hmm ... sounds bad doesn't it).
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