my new Kastalorian armor :D UPDATE

secol FETT

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.:: update below ::.
well they are not exactly made by Jodo :)
but i use his templates and i must said i very happy :D
well here some pics
<img src=>
<img src=>
<img src=>
the new armor is more small, but is better, my 1st version is way to large and i dont like how they look so i hope this works better
so what do ya think :D

i made this today in 2 hours or 2 and a half no more
the armor is made with metal well and alu and zinc alloy
and the better part of this i can use magnet to attach, just need to glued on the vest and put the armor over and done :)
well i need made test with that ;)
and for the backplate, well i need buy another sheet to star to make :)

thanks for look


oh and sorry for the bad pics :eek:
ps, earht magnets are strong!
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