My New HANDS !!

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Another Update !!! YOOO-HOO !!! :grin:

Because of the hands funky pose of my mannequin, I was not able to to pull over the gloves correctly or give him the rifle into the hands.
Finally I decited to do something about that. So I pulled out and studied my old "Anatomy for artists" book.
I did new wrist stumps out of wood, added some boney fingers out of strong copperwires, and covered everything with foam.
Voila, new hands with bendable fingers wich are strong enough to get a good grip on the blaster.
I still have to "break" his elbows, and rearrange the lowerarms for a nice pose. :D

"Doc. Peter_S, we are ready to implant the new hands!!!"

Well, of to the surgery :D :D
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Nice work bud! They look great!
I'm doing something similar in latex rubber for my Jango.
Here is a sneak progress pic.

Your blaster's looking cool too!


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