My New CS-6 Blaster:

Dha Syntir

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I saw a thread in another room concerning a Nerf Longshot (a dart shooting toy essentially) CS-6, and after seeing the potential for major modifications, I had to take a crack at it. I'm extremely happy with it at this point and it's still just primered getting ready for paint. I thought I'd post the pic so you can get some idea about the potential for it becoming an awesome blaster-if I can pull off a good paint/weathering job on it that is. Let me know what you think-please remember it's still just in primer and unfinished of course...


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Just like me, I've totally changed things again. I wanted to add the grenade laucher back beneath the barrel as I want to create some grenades to go with said launcher. I need to learn to stick to one project until it's done and not have a half dozen going at once. Any of you have that problem too?:facepalm I'll have to get my camera's back from a friend who used them saturday night, and I'll snap a couple pics. It's still got alot of painting to do, and a little "body work" as well-hopefully I'll get my butt in gear and get it done sometime between now and this time next year...

Well I finally have changed my CS-6 once again and went back to my original direction. I had added the grenade launcher giving it it's "stock" look again, but it looked exactly like everyone elses's again-which is why I modified it to begin with! So I've taken some advice and reshaped the tip of the barrel where there was a 2" x 2" square that looked out of place, it is cut off and Bondo'd over smooth. I wanted it to be like the DC17, with different attachments etc like the sniper rifle which can be removed and stowed on my jet pack-eventually when I get one. Then I'd have the short barreled blaster in close quarters etc. Bear in mind that I have yet to really begin the weathering via brush and/or airbrush, but you'll get the general idea of what it'll look like when finished...


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