My New Codpiece!!


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More new parts!!! Here's my new codpiece:

Thanks for the kudos. Yes, I did the painting and "assembly" work. These are new parts that a friend of mine sculpted himself... so far, Malcfett and I are the only two people who own them. heh heh heh... If anyone's interested, PM me and I'll hook you up.

As for the dent, I'll go back and put it in myself. I was looking at pics of the MoM armor... one set apparently has the dent and one doesn't. For time purposes I didn't put it in but I agree, it looks better with it there. I talked to my friend and he said he was going to put the dents into the mold soon.
Jeezycreezy! HAHAHAHAHA! You've got THAT right!

Yes, I am adding the dent to mine myself... my friend is adding it to the mold for future pulls.

He doesn't offer the kidney plate as of yet but is planning on making it pronto.
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