My New Blaster Finished!!


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I finally had some free time so I decided to build my blaster over the weekend! Here are a few pics from start to finish. Any feedback or questions are welcome. I have a ton of other photos if anyone wants to see any specific details. I also gave it a working trigger. (not too hard to do with a dremel and a couple of springs) Will post pics of this later.


1- Webley completed with stock greeblies
Blaster 1.jpg

2- Blaster build complete
Blaster 2.jpg

3- Primed
Blaster 3_2.jpg

4- Matt black finish & ready for weathering
Blaster 4_2.jpg

5- Finished blaster .
new pic 1.jpg

6- Detail shot. The pic shows up the rust a little more orange than it really is.
Blaster 6_2.jpg

Thanks to the following people for helping me out with the parts for this:

Sidewinder, Bracks Buddy, Asok, Blastech

new pic 2.jpg
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That looks fantastic! I have a couple of questions for ya. What did you use for the little ring around the mid chamber (just forward of the bomb rack)? How did you go about weathering it? Once again, that looks awesome! Excellent job!
Hey Buckeye, I used a pvc joint connector that fits over the pvc pipe (plumbing supplies) and cut a thin ring off it, the same for the thicker piece just before the grip. For the weathering I gave the whole thing a rust wash (using brown and bronze acrylics) then went over with black washes and gun metal dry brushing. When doing the brown/bronze washes I dab them down with a tissue. This leaves a little "tissues fluff" on the surface but it absorbes the colour and helps to give a rust like texture. Hope this helps
looks awesome!

bronze acrylic, eh... i've done brown on mine, and was trying to think about waht to do to get the finish right. that looks great!
If your refering to the two small fins on the side I used a 5 mm thick piece of pine. I guess any strong wood would do! I just cut them to shape on a band saw and pinned and glued them to the chamber.

Great job on assembling your Blaster. The paint job is not to bad but the weather is a bit uniformed.. You may want to break it up a bit and not make it so consistant through the whole thing. But besides that you got yourself one heck of a gun!!
Thanks for all the feedback so far guys, Dgasser, I agree that the weathering does look a little 2 uniformed in the pics. The orange/rust shows up a lot more in the photos and the black gets washed out. I do agree that it needs a bit more contrast though. I will be adding a few enamel black details on areas like the scope (2 get that chipped paint look) .
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