My new armor

Lynn TXP 0369

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Here is my new FP armor. I finally got around to doing the new chest armor that I have had for 6 months and I just got the knees and bells finished.

I got the decals form a guy on the R2 builders club and the darts are Dean's.

The flash majorly lightens things, the armor is more dark in person.

All weathering has been done topically.
The armor is Spruce green misted with other shades of green and a final misting of black. The yellow weathering is the yellow zinkchromate.


The knees and shoulders are painted with a base of Catterpillar yellow and followed by mistings of Pumpkin orange, tan, and red primer and a final touch of black. The weathering has been done topically with various Apple barrel and Folk Art acrylic paints found at AC Moore.

Everything has then weatherd with grey chalk dust and sealed in Testors dull coat

I'll post pics of my collar and cod later when I get it done. I'll be adapting the collar to a RA black plate.

terrific looking armour Lynn! The green especially looks very accurate, (considering that the pics appear lighter of course.:)) Well done.
Very strong work indeed.

And I have to thank you for giving me an idea on what to do with my FP armor. I wasn't happy with the spruce green, and was back out trying to search for the perfect colour . . then read how you misted another green overtop . . . . I LIGHTLY misted a hunter green overtop of mine . . . came out PERFECT!!

So, thanks for the inspiration! :)

You can keep misting all day trying to get the right shading effects and not be satisfied. But it looks like you beat the system!

Fantastic job, Lynn!
Thanks guys for the comps!!! Misting is my all time favorite painting weathering technique..
Just wait until it is all back together again in the next month..... :)
I gotta show I'm getting ready for here locally if I can get everything back in time and if I can drop some more weight.

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