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Hey guys here is my new armor made with the trash can method. Its for sale now in the Cargo Hold. Any critique is welcome it will help on the third set im starting this week.





Thanks JFJ your work is amazing also so its cool to hear that from you. AFFO$ thanks man I am following your helmet thread very closly we really should get together some time. I rounded the edges with good old fashioned sandpaper and files. Yes this is from Wizards templates.
Thanks Bob seein your armor in person helped alot with mine. Also you have PM.

Thanks for the compliments SB
Im new, My name is Chris Maher, aka Shaak Ti. Im looking at the pics you guys do some great work. Im going to purchase some material call Sintra PCV sheeting. I been doing some research on it. But does anyone know if of how you cut this stuff. One tutorial said a cutting wheel on a dremal. My husband thinks a coping saw. If anyone has worked with this , any advise would be great. thanks
Shaak Ti you may want to use the search engine. I know people around here have used sintra, but depeneding on the thickness it will take different tools to cut it. Im sure the info is around here somewhere.

Thanks Tambo, thats good coming from someone who has skills across the costuming spectrum and a costume for each one of them.
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