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Hello, I have been playing around on the internet always looking at Star Wars Prop's and just dreaming of the day I could own my own. With money as a issue I've just always thought of it as a dream. Well after my son and his friends was sword fighting and got hit in the head with a broken metal broom handle in the forehead I decided to find a safer way. So I made them all Boffer Swords. They asked me if I could make armor as well I like to make stuff I said sure I will see what I could do. I ended up going through alot of things and he asked if I could make star wars armor and we did a search on our favorite and the best character of Star Wars Boba Fett. Found this site and another great site on making them. It was like a dream come true. So we are starting our own Bounty Hunter Project. I have decided to scratch build everything I find much more satisfaction in making my own by hand as much as I can. I'm very creative and think I will make our own custom suit's. Seeing he's only 9 and I'm a fairly big guy ( lot bigger than Boba Fett ) I am not to worried about exact measurements. I have a few questions. What are some of the lingo and abbv's do you use I see alot of DP, etc...? Any tips for new people scratch building stuff, material's I will probably use is Sintra. I was thinking of making a vaccumform table and having a lady at work that loves to sculpt make me some mould's. I did find a few template's but is there a place that them more in a confined area for easier reference. Thanks BTW I love this site and looking at alot of the gifted and talented people here I can not wait to post my own and join the ranks of the Bounty Hunter.
Howdy there! Welcome to TDH. Most of the abbreviations you see here regard some people's user IDs. Example: SOme people have referred to me as JB ... short for Jimmy BufFETT (no, my real name is not Jimmy.) The biggest one you'll see is 'TDH' (which I've already used) which is just these forums: The Dented Helmet.
Hey Dot Phear,
Welcome to TDH! This place is an incredible resource if you're planning on doing a Fett costume.
There are a lot of abbreviations floating around, but once you get the hang of the lingo, it'll start to make sense. The one you asked about, 'DP,' is short for Don Post. They're a company that used to make a lot of different SW helmets. I believe their license was picked up by Rubies.
The DP standard size helmet would probably be a good choice for your little bounty hunter, since it's significantly smaller than a "movie sized helmet." They can be found on eBay all the time. The paintjob ain't so hot, but you can do a repaint to make it look pretty good.

If you use the search function at the top of the board, there are a lot of tutorials for making sintra armor, and even some where people have cut their armor pieces out of round plastic trash cans.
Lots of good ideas and advice here at TDH! :)
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