My "Mutt" ROTJ Blaster....


I finally decided to start to work with my ROTJ blaster today. I have named my blaster "Mutt" cause it is made up of two different type of blasters. I have combined a MLC (which was ESB) plus SIDEWINDER Parts. Pretty much all that is MLC is is the Webley part and stock, otther than that the Scope, Greeblies, and barrell is Sidewinders.

Here is a pic so far......

I have to thank Sidewinder for his help in getting me the parts to make it ROTJ. THANK YOU SIDEWINDER THEY ARE AWESOME.

I only have one question the scope brackets I got from do I get the the scope into them?? lol:lol:

Oh and if anyone needs a ESB Flashtube, Barrel, and Greeblies Ill sell them to ya dont need them anymore.
Use a razor saw and slit the scope rings just above the sideplate on one side, then teaze them open and snap em onto the scope. You might want to warm the rings first.

Glue em to the scope, job jobbed.

Well its done, I finally finished putting it all together and painted it. I havent weathered it yet, I just wanted to get it presentable for a troop I want to have my Boba ready for, on June 8th. Ill weather it after the troop.

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