My Little Fett\'s JP - Work in Progress


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My Little Fett's JP - Work in Progress

Well, I'm working on suiting my son up and had some ideas about doing the jet pack. So, I started there. 1st) For a child, it has to be light-weight and comfortable. 2nd) Cheap - because he won't be able to wear it but for a few years.

I had a lot of strofoam siding material leftover from making my pack. Went to Wally world and bought some circle, and cone shaped floral foam. My wife was just about to toss out two perfect sized shampoo bottles for the tanks. Bought 2 of the medium sized "For Sale" signs at Lowes, and I used sintra for the backplate.

Here is what I have so far...


I don't like the rocket, so I'm going to keep looking for someting better.


I used some old spray paint plastic tops for the bottom of the tanks, and powerade cap for the top. I bought a pack of those furniture bumper thingees to make the piano keys. I figured I could use a large-penny nail for the stablizer, and I have a little screw-on valve-cover LED to use for the light on the opposite side.

Here is a comparison between his and mine for size.


I even have a cool set of labels for it - Thanks to VashDstampede. The chest emblem on the upper-left is a normal-sized one.


Oh, and here is a picture of the collar and backplate with it.


Comments welcome (and of course ideas for the rocket too!).
I think it looks great! (y)

Why not cut down an air freshener cone for the rocket?
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I wanted something pointy for the tip of the rocket though. I had saved a few scrap pieces of plastic junk off of some fireworks that would be perfect...If it was about another 1" around in diameter. So, the search continues...

Speaking of fireworks, i did manage to save some caps that went to these big rocket-looking things that woudl be perfect for the cones on a stubby pack.

I should have shot a few photos and put them into the Jango JP section.

Thanks for the suggestion though. Anyone else?
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Cool, looking good. How about air freshener cone with bondo for the point. that would work. i don't know of any thing else that resembles the shape of the rocket.
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That's awesome, my son would love it! I might have to rig something up for him before Celebration III, but it won't be that good!
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Awesome - looking great!

It will be cool to see the two of you standing side by side :)

Keep the pictures coming.

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