My Idea for a "Modernized" Fett...

Let me start by saying I dont have any access to a scanner right now, but I have some cool sketches that I can post here soon.....

I just recently rediscovered my love for this Star Wars character that I thought I forgot about like 8 years ago....I dont have the time or money to build a replica Fett costume (as much as i wish I did), but I do have a bunch of more modern and some vintage tactical and war gear. I started thinking...what if I combined a Fett Helmet and some Fett-esque armor and gear with a little bit more modernized suit and accessories? Almost like a mix between a modern Special Forces Soldier and a Mandalorian Warrior. I wouldnt ever blaspheme the Fett by wearing this at some convention or anything like that, but it would just be a fun costume to wear at Halloween or something.....This is hard to describe without the preliminary pictures that I have, but heres the basics to what I'm thinking:

-The Boba Fett helmet would not change, except for maybe removal of the RangeFinder, since it would look sort of odd in this setup. I would likely paint the helmet a mix of black and steel-gray, with some red accents.

-The under-suit/jumpsuit/whatever its called would be some sort of black flight suit, similar to the original film one, only much darker in color.

-I would ditch the jet-pack (classic Fett, I know, but again pretty out of place with my idea here) and maybe replace it with some sort of utility backpack or maybe nothing at all in place of it.

-the chest and shoulder armor would be a little more modernized, AKA maybe a black kevlar-ish chest protector with reinforced panels that are similar in pattern to the unique Fett shaped armor from the films. I would probably ditch the shoulder armor altogether, I was thinking of putting patches sewn on the shoulders instead (with that Mandalorian skull design thing) <----I've forgotten what thats called, I've lost some geek-hood I guess :) I would also put the circle-diagonal slash insignia (again, whatever that thing may actually be called I dont know) on the chest, in keeping with its placement in the films.

-The gloves would remain pretty much unchanged, only black in color rather than gray.

-I would likely ditch the wrist gauntlets, since theres no "real world" equivalent of those that I can think of, well nothing that wouldnt look out of place at least....

-The utility belt setup and pouches would be almost the same as the originals, only black instead of brown, in keeping with the rest of the color scheme. I dont know what is actually in Fetts pouches in the Star Wars universe, but on my utility belt I would probably include: A Flashlight, Handcuffs, Spare Ammo pouches, maybe a knife, and some other small assorted pouches. (Again, this stuff would just serve to "present-day" up the costume. I guess I'm trying to imagine a modern day bounty hunter/mercenary/commando type thing here, only with some Fett-ish elements to it.

-I would keep the shoulder cape, just because it looks awesome and he would look naked without it. I think I'd lose the wookie scalps though....

-I would keep the knee pads, only they would be black instead of yellow.

-The boots would be similar to the film ones.

-Now, the weapons....this is where I wasnt sure what direction to go....
Obviously, Im going for the modernized mercenary look, so I figured I would modernize his selection of weaponry as well. What would a typical "assassin" have in his arsenal? Well, I would venture to guess it would be a mixture of lethal and non-lethal weapons. I would probably go for a dual-holster setup (on the thighs) a la Jango Fett. Instead of laser pistols though, I would probably use a regular styled handgun in one, and a tranquilizer pistol in the other (they dont always want 'em dead right?) I would replace his blaster rifle with some sort of compact carbine/submachine gun. I would also have a silencer of some sort on one of the guns, an assassin has to have a silencer right?

haha well I just sat back and read all of this and my idea seems kind of silly, so I'm sure you guys will think Im nuts, but I think it would be a fun little experiment to kill some time with. I love to paint and draw, and Im already having alot of fun doodling with my ideas. I have a new found interest in the whole Boba Fett thing, and this might just be a good way for me to take my mind off college when it gets to me:)

Let me know what you guys think! And remember, its just for fun and for my own entertainment, so dont make fun of me too much ;)
haha functional? as in like flashing lights and lasers or something? nahh i just love that Boba Fett look and I'm trying to incorporate his gear into an outfit that I already have....But yeah, I've got some pretty good sketches in front of me, I'll post them as soon as I can get a scanner or something
Sounds very interesting. I'm kind of stylizing my own a bit more modern, but leaning more toward Jango. As for modern looking pistols, here's a CYMA Glock 26:
It looks like the Glock 26 (small, sub-compact I believe is what it's called), but has an attachment on the barrel and grip that makes it look sci-fi/modern and bigger. It's what I'm going to use for mine I think.

And don't worry about being "blasphamas" by wearing it to a con. These are custom mandos. We love customs :cheers

Sounds great! Get those sketches in! (y)

EDIT: Oh, i just thought of something. A guy around here called Lonewolf replaced his rangefind with a short antenna/communications set up. you probably were already thinking of it, but I just thought I'd bring it up just in case.
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Sounds very interesting. I'm kind of stylizing my own a bit more modern, but leaning more toward Jango. As for modern looking pistols, here's a CYMA Glock 26http://

Yea I also considered going with more "classic/vintage" weaponry to keep with the theme of Boba Fett using gear and tools from older Mandalorian days. I've considered things like the m1911 colt, but I've also thought about more modern alternatives, like the H&K USP line, or the FN 5-7, etc. I'll post more when I get out of class hehe...
Yeah, I'm definetly a big fan of making the helmet 'cleaner' by getting rid of the huge rangefinder. Here's the thread with the pic of my helmet.

I have done tons of sketching on the helmet with all kinds of variations on it. I would love to trick out another 5 to 10 helmets, but, yeah. I don't have enough money to buy helmets nor space to store them all.;)
Awesome Idea youve got there, thats actually pretty similar to what my sketches are looking like right now.....I like the idea of not having a full T Visor either. It kind of kills the Fett look but still has enough of it to get the point across. Im in between classes right now but I'll try and get some pics ASAP!

**Oh yeah, and how did you build that rifle? It looks to me like an HK SL8 with some extensive stock modifications....Looks great man! I was thinking about using a variation of HK's G36C for mine......
I'm going home for the weekend, I'll be able to get some pics up of this idea....In the meantime, anyone have any suggestions for a helmet? That, to me, is the most important part of this whole thing. The rest I can improvise, but the helmet has to look decent. What would you guys reccomend? I dont want to spend more than 100 on the helmet. (I have paints already, so my only expense will be the bucket itsself). I've seen several on ebay but I think they are the Rudies kind.....any help is appreciated!
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