My first try !!!


Well I finally tried on my suit for the first time since I started it over a year ago . Keep in mind I'm a rookie and I know this isn't screen accurate . My shoulder and knee armor are ( in the back ground ) are being painted.My cape is the ESB version . I have both but the snaps weren't ready on the ROTJ version when I took these. My frigin range stalk snapped as I was getting dressed . In some shots I have only 1 glove .... tough to operate the camera with both... plus they are crappy vinyl gloves soon to be replaced by TK409 ones . As you can see the suit is not weathered yet .... I will do that soon .I'm not sure who makes these gauntlets ... they're OK but I now have a Ruffkins kit which I will start to paint and modify soon . I also have a second set of armor ( raw fiberglass ) primed and ready to start the long paint prosess . So I have allot of touch ups to do . So what do you guys think so far ?






dude it looks good. I really like the JP (im working on mine right now),,, One thing, Your butt armor or what ever they call it is hanging a little low. Hate for you to sit down and break it or even worse have it jamed all up in you rear.
Oh I hear ya on the butt armor thing. I was having all kinds of problems with that .I'll have to make it tighter and use velcro . The snaps kept popping open . What a pain . I'll get on it . Thanks

I used plenty of velcro for mine and its holding good. I havnt ran around with mine but its holding. I just dont want you to have to go to the hospital b/c you have butt armor in your butt. Might be hard to explan that to the Dr.:)
Dude I have to admit....that looks excellent! You did a fantastic job. I would have to say that your first attempt, at a very tricky costume, looks worlds better than many of our opening endeavors :cheers . Just think what you will be able to do the next time you decide to revise your will only continue to get better.

Keep up the good work and please continue to keep us all posted on your progress.
Well at the young age of 42 and being a Star Wars fan I was told I should get a hobby ... so here I am 2 years later. I built Vader first and found I could make good money on ebay making Vader belts . This helped subsidize my intrest in making costumes . I now have a Vader , Stormtrooper and alomost done my Fett .I like to build what I can ... modify like the rest and buy what I cant make . Oh ya .... and my 12 yr old daughter called me a freak today when she saw me put this stuff on for the pics . Oh well we are a bread apart !!!

Great start! The armor, JP, jumpsuit and bucket look good. Two things that jumped out at me were the forementioned butt armor and the blaster stock. The butt armor is a fitting issue that you should be able to take care of with some elastic or velcro. However, the blaster should be upgraded. Those hollow stock blasters realy throw off the look.

One final nit-pickey item, is the shoulder ribbing on the vest. There seems to be too many ribs, and each rib appears to be a tad small.

Like others have said, nice job for your first attempt. (y)

Well the butt armor has been taken care of . A few well place snaps and its tight and wont come undone . The blaster ... ya... I will modify . I need to change the stock and drill out the barrel ( man its heavy ) and weather the whole thing . Maybe I can remove the stitching on the shoulders every other line .... see how that looks . Thanks for the tips

Thanks guys I will do small changes and improvements until it gets a little closer to screen . But i try to keep in mind when your average every day person sees these costumes on... MOST of the time they dont know 1 paint from another or what version ( ESB or ROTJ ) is what long as it looks good . It's just the pros in the community ( TDH and serious costumers ) that actually notice . Hey ...... as long as we all get that thrill from someone saying " WOW ... awesome costume "! Especially the kids .... It works for me . Cheers

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