My first try at some Fett armor


Master Luke 29

New to this, here's my first try at making Fett armor with sintra:




Not totally pleased with the knee pieces, one turned out fine but the other one is a little lumpy. I'll have to do some sanding or something to correct this.


I also burned my foot with the boiling water used to mold the armor, which hurt a lot. I thought about taking a picture of the burn, but nobody wants to see that.

Any suggestions about the armor? I still need to knick it up and paint it. I figure with a drill and a dremel, I can weather the armor well enough.
Looks great!
Can't wait to see it painted!
Are you going to add any dents into it or leave it smooth?
Yum, feedback. Thanks (y)

I'm gonna add the holes, slits, and cuts/nicks with my tools, probably mostly with my dremel. Not completely sure how I'm gonna do it, but I got tons of reference pics so I'll figure something out.

Any suggestions on painting? I.E. what kind of paints look best (I guess I'm going for ROTJ Fett at this point).

Thanks again guys.
Hey hey!! Congratz!! Just started on mine as well a few days ago. Spent almost 6 hours doing three different center peices just to get my skills going and experimenting a bit. Hopefully next month i'll have all of the chest peices done to my satisfaction!
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