my first attempt at armor


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Well here is my first attempt at sintra armor. Not sure if I am gonna get the fiberglass armor yet so I thought I would at least try to make some on my own. I'll probably make another set since I would call this my test set.

oops.. just noticed my knee gaurds are reversed :facepalm

What a great job! I am very impressed and it's only your first attempt. Your shoulder armor almost looks right on the money. I have a suggestion for you. Try putting some dents in the armor where the blast points are. This will make the armor come alive. There are several ways you can do this however, a simple marble can help make nice rounded dents in the armor. I can't wait to see your next set.
I am gonna add some dents with the new set. I didn't have the dremel before I did these. I suppose I'll try a dremmel for the dents and helafast's suggestion of a marble.
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