My first armor!!!


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Well i got my first set of armor today. Its amazing. paint job i think is beautiful. Its by Wickedbeard. Hes a great guy awesome communication. Just all around great guy, i must say. Heres a picture of the chest and shoulders. ill have to get more pics to show off the rest of it. picture is kind of grainy due to the file size limitations of the forums

tell me what you think

So glad you like it dude.I don't know what you are talkin about.those pics look great, much better than my camera.hahahaha
really shows all the cool scratches and such.
You can always do what I do.Get a similar colored heavy sweatshirt that feels nice and thick, and cut the sleeves off leaving the arc for the shoulder armor, and cut it off at the bottom around your navel area.Then either use fabric glue and fold up the bottom to make it look stitched, and then starch the hell out of it to get your stiffness, apply all your velcro with goop(best glue on earth) or get some of that iron on velcro(cool stuff), and use industrial sticky back for the armor.
Then you can put on the backplate mark the jet holes on the vest, and cut those out , and add a bit of goop to the edges to prevent fraying.
weather it up and you are good to go.
You can always rig the sleeves to look ribbed, there are a lot of easy methods.
should only cost you pennies on the dollar, as long as you hit the thrift stores for the sweatshirt or walmart.
The main reason i like this is that the vest will fit a lot more snug on ya.
This is how I do my vests cause i am really hard to fit.the last vest i had was a little big in the belly and it stuck out too much, and it was really tight in the armpit area as I have a wide back.
also since my armor is a bit flexible it will hug your torso real nice as the vest will pull it in towards ya, kinda like leather armor.
There were some scenes in clones where jango had latex armor on. if you look close during the rooftop scenes in the rain you can see it flex, and bend.
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