My Fett Project


New Hunter
Hi All

I've only posted here once before, but I've been looking for a long time.
This is a great forum !

Here's a few pics of my armor that have been made over the last few months.
Since these were taken I've finished the gauntlets.

The chest bits and shoulders are made from 3mm sintra and the collar is in 2mm, made over-long to trim later.(I think this needs to be 3mm also)
All parts were scaled up from the marmit figure.
I found that the sintra can be formed using a hair dryer, set on high.
Hot water took too long. I seemed to be boiling the kettle every few minutes.






The knees are a mixture of 2mm sintra,1mm A.B.S.,and styrene in various thicknesses.The gauntlets have been done the same way.
I didn't make the bucket.

Thanks for looking.....let me know what you think.
Thanks Si, for pointing out this topic was in the wrong place.......I'm useless with this stuff !

Phil UK.
Hi Phil. Glad you took my comments as constructive, not destructive. And thanks for re-posting! :)

Great, great stuff you've done there mate. I saw the pics over on the RPB/UKG boards and was impressed then too!

I particularly love the gauntlets. I tried to scratchbuild gauntlets out of sintra/foamboard, but gave up, as I simply couldn't work it all out. My hat is off to you for doing such a great job.

Welcome aboard, too. Hope you find all you're looking for and join in. You've obviously got a wealth of talent to contribute!

See you around the boards,

oo man

O that stuff is so cool. Seeing ur sintra stuff makes me wanna make my sintra stuff better. That is the coolest, I love the knee pieces too, those are my next project.
Welcome aboard and Awesome job:cheers.
I'm always in awe of the talent of the members here on TDH.
Keep up the good work and keep posting those progress pics.
great work :cheers

im really amazed how you were able to "cup" the knees with sintra.mine are flat all around the edges.i found it difficult bend sintra in 2 different how did you do it?:D
Thanks a lot for all the compliments guys.

The helmet is the movie sized Fibreglass one.Not the new one that's around right now, but the one before.
I'm not sure if I can give the name of the guy that made it.
Are we allowed to here ? I'm happy to tell, but I need know if it's OK.

The main part of the knees is 2mm sintra heated with a hair took a few goes to curve it at the bottom.
A lot of swearing went on during this, but it's worth it.
3mm may be too thick to curve this much, but you could try it.
2mm is a little thin so it might need a bit of strengthening on the inside when you're done...maybe some car filler, or similar stuff. I've left mine as they are for now, so they don't get too heavy.

I've just done the gauntlets silver, ready for the green......I'm still not sure which green to use yet.I'll post pics later.

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