My ESB Jumpsuit Fabric (opinions?)

Jodo Kast 2749

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The fabric in question is the blue on the bottom. I have added a grey t-shirt, black wallet and a red shirt for reference.

This began life as a discount fabric from the fabric store. No name, no composition, nada. Basically, it's almost exactlty like the standard cotton twill.

It was grey with the slightest purple tinge. (very slight)

I used a dye called "Bermuda Blue". I think it's a bit light but i plan on weathering it a lot.

What can the ESB pros tell me? Is it too blue or not dark enough?
I dunno man??? I kinda gave up tryin to figure out the ESB blue based on pics...the slightest aleration in lighting changes the hue. My initial thoughts about your chosen fabric are, that its a bit to blue, but then you havent weathered it yet either, so its tough to say. I guess I would say that its is a pretty good starting point. The cool thing about cotton, is that its easy to weather/dye/fade. I think to accurately judge how it will look, you almost have to have your armour & bucket on to compare the contrasts. guess that ain't much help, but I think you are on the right track with that fabric. Once you get more of your suit together, you'll probably be able to tell if thats the color you want to go with & then fade/dye accordingly. Post more pics as you go along!:)
Tylerdurden posted a pic of one of the exhibit suits that showed how blue it had been, but faded to an almost grey. I know when I did my Pre-Pro suit I had to dye the thing a few times before I got it right. If it's anything like mine, wash it in hot water a few times and it will lighten up a bit ..... or more if you wash it more.
Thanks for the feedback brother. I'm planning on weathering it with some mistings of black and grey primer plus drag it around the backyard a bit.
Here's what I did on mine to weather it - A spray bottle and black dye. Worked fairly well, especially if you can get one that mists and doesn't spit globs at times.
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