My ESB Fett So Far...


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Ok, I have a lot of people to thank for helping me get this suit to this point:

Sidewinder: Excellent cast from Webley flare gun!
Lee- Rogue Studios
Jamey- Fetthunter Designs
Some guy on ebay who sold me the helmet:rolleyes (it's what got me started on this project)
BSS- Bloodsport Studios

And many others at TDH who have helped me with this.

Ok, this is in the early stages. I have just finished re-tooling the gauntlets and flamethrower. DAZ has the armor primed and ready to paint, which I am starting this Wed.
I am waiting for my MLC2 Jet Pack, sidearm and holster. I also have a resin Webley on the way from Sidewinder in the UK.

Progress update: May 08 2006.

Started my EE-3 blaster, knee armor, back plate. More work done to gauntlets and back of helmet.

Feedback is welcome! (please be nice;))
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One more thing. Now that I have a pic of my helmet posted, can anyone tell me which helmet I have? It was listed as a "mystery helmet."
texasfett said:
Who made the Gauntlets,and the Shin Tools?

I really don't want to tick anyone off here, but I give credit where credit is due- I got the gauntlets and shin tools from BSS back in Jan.(I have since joined TDH, and saw the feedback against BSS. I don't want to start another bashing.)
With a lot of elbow grease, I retooled the flamethrower myself by removing pieces that I did not see in any screen shots, and have replaced the 3 resin tubes at the back with aluminum tubing. I added rubber gromits, replaced the keypad with one from Fetthunter, and replaced the resin dental expander with a real one. I dremeled out the 3 squares on the inner left gaunt, and filled in the 4 squares, which were cast on the outside. (basically, I had 2 right bottom gaunt pieces)
I have also modified the right gaunt where the tube attaches, and a few other mods overall.
I know they are not perfectly screen accurate, but I think when I'm done, they will look pretty darn good.
I'm 99% sure thats one of my old helmet kits.

If it is, then I am even happier with it! It needed a very little amount of sanding to get it ready, and all the detail is excellant! It don't appear to have been a recast, so I am assuming someone had bought it from you, then just didn't want to put any work into it. I dremeled out the face shield area and keyslots.
Wow, that new BM armor looks really good. I might get that. The helmet is definitely a MS helmet. I have one of those "Ebay" amiadfilter helmets. It is looking supurb, good work. KEEP IT UP!
Thanks for the input! I have a long way to go yet, but my Fett is finally starting to come together.
Since this is my first adventure with an airbrush, I am taking my time, and eventually I will work up the nerve to start painting my helmet..
I airbrushed on the pollyscale panzer olive green today, and I think I got the scratches scrapes and the dent outlined fairly close so far. Let me know what ya think of my efforts so far.

Pics on page 4 of my progress album.
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Looking really good!

Where did you get your flightsuit? Is the ESB really that blue? I'm in the very early stages of my ESB, and the flightsuit is the biggest mystery to me...
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