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This is my first attempt at any helmet. I've been working here and there on my custom armor for awhile and I finally finished the helmet. It's a DP '97 (Only thing I could find in my price range at the time). The only thing I think I screwed up on is that the rank bars from Boba show through the silver for some reason. They weren't there when I primed, sanded, primed and even after the silver job. They only reappeared once I sealed it, weird huh? Oh well, they're not that noticeable in person. Anyway, please be nice, this was my first attempt at a helmet, I'd like to get some opinions on it.




Thanks for looking!
Oh yeah, I forgot to say what it says. It reads "JASTER". The idea I had for my custom was Jaster Mereel in his prime, before the Mandalores split.
Right on man. I like the aurebesh too. Are those decals?? Where did you get them, I was hoping to put some aurebesh on my armor here and there. Keep sending pics.
Actually, all the non-silver parts were hand painted with acrylics (I'm a newbie to painting, I screwed up part of my armor with masking, so I didn't want to risk the helmet). I wish they were decals, I'd add more to my armor is that were the case.
Looks very cool! It reminds me of a more weathered version of another board memebers helmet. Can't wait to see the full suit.
I love those colors. Great job:D(y)

You should stop by my chat board and post your progress as well. I need more people over there. Especially custom mandalorians.
Really good job! So where is the screw up?:D
I like those colors also. The writing does give the helmet a unique look of its own. Nice touch.
Thanks everybody! And yes, this definitely was a DP'97. It looked a whole lot worse when I got it.
Very nice! I like the aurabesh too.

(and it does look like a more weathered version of my custom Mandalore helmet!) :) :) 'cept I have black ears...


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