My Custom Helmet - Now Complete (Pics)


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Well I finished! woot. Here is a picture before the finishing work...


...and now the finished helmet...












Thanks again for the support.
Thank you. I used Dull Aluminum w/ Rub n Buff for the metal areas, Dark Hunter for the cheeks and ear areas, and a non Krylon Moss Green for the other areas. I can't remember off the top of my mind who makes the moss green, but it is a unique shade that has a very natural yet pale feel to it.
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Lookin good man. And you were complainin about the R&B. Looks like it turned out great.
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:) Thanks. TK, the RnB was HORRIBLE! I was seriously pretty sure that I was going to have to start over again. Luckily that wasn't the case.
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looks great man... can't wait to see how the whole costume turns out :)
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Thanks a lot! Oh yeah, I just weathered it up last night and striped it. It looks awesome now! The weathering really brought it to life. It hakes the metal look very convincing. I brought it to work to show a few people and they were surprised that it was light because they thought that is was all metal. I think I want to finish the rangefinder assembly first and then I will post the completed pictures.
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Nice lookin' helmet you got there.:cheers
From the pics you posted before of what this will look like, this is going to be one awesome looking custom!
Can't wait to see the rest.:)
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Dude that is one Awesome Helmet!! :eek:
may we ask you what you used for the weathering?
Thanks and great job again, looking forward to seeing the rest of the costume. :) (y)
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Thank you very much. I used Black "Delta Ceramcoat" Acrylic Paint that I got at Michaels for the weathering. I applied it with a synthetic (nylon) sponge, unthinned. I just kept reblotting it very thin and reapplying as necessary. I used an angled sponge and a fine brush to get in corner areas.
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