My custom duds...


New Hunter
Hey all. I am new to The Helmet. Praise be to ALL of those who finally made space here for us Customs! Thank you and may your children live long and wear armor. Anyways, here are some pics of my Mando... Comments are always welcome.

Me at Wondercon 2006 in San Francisco


Me, my sister and my brother in law at Wondercon 06.

The world needs more custom Mandalorians, There all very nice. There has always been room for the custom built bounty hunters.

In fact I think theres room here for any costume, I posted my batman and got a ton of great replies, just post anything i say where all geeks here.

Urban camo is a nice touch.
Very awesome! I remember seeing closeups of your custom gauntlets at HVM, and they are sweet! The camo's cool too!

It is always awesome to see a blood related mandalorian family pop up. All the suits are great!

and welcome to the helmet!:cheers
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