My completed MLC jet pack

Jango Wes

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My completed MLC jetpack

The title says it all. I followed Seeker's instructions and I think it turned out ok. Of course, I still have to weather it up a little.


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where did you get the stickers from? And the pack rocks what color paint did you use.
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I used Rustoleum "farm equipment yellow" for the yellow parts, Home Depot brand royal blue misted with Krylon purple and true blue. Semi gloss white for the white parts, Krylon burgandy for the piano keys, and flat black for the stripes. Rub n buff for the tip. I used Vash's decals for the.. well, decals. Thanks to Seeker for the tips and Ely for the decals!
It defiantely looks better in person.
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Have Fun Weathering that Very Nice JP!;):jet pack
I am thinking about going Classic pack myself. Thanks for the pics man and looking great so far!
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Tambo Fett said:
looks like it came straight from the Madalorian jet pack factory...well done.

...there is a Mandalorian Jet Pack FACTORY?! Where can I find such a place???;)

In all seriousness, thats one awsome looking pack man, I'm sure the finished product would be just as good! Goodluck@
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I would be curious to know if a new Jet Pack would preserve you more from technical glitchs (see Saarlac pit, Kamino and Geonosis …). :lol:
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