My Buckets, thanks to the dent

RoDav Llbas

New Hunter
ok this is my bucket so far thanks to all the info and pic on the dent, in the pis the red looks well a bit to red but its the camra flash that cauesd this affect.
use masking fluid for the scrachs as per info on the dent, thanks- works realy well ;)

my armor is comeing on ok as well will post pics soon,

this bucket started out as a DP95- got of eBay for £30 uk money, was a nice find, have a new full T visor all ready to go in and an ali range finder stalk.

There is still a lot of weathering to do, but should not be to much of a prob.

P.S this is my frist attemped at a bucket paint job so be nice,lol
thanks again to all on the dent. :cheers






Yep i intend to weather the whole bucket with some washes and then some dry brushing as well for a few high lights, i took the colour for the bucket from the magic bucket pics, same for the scrachs.

the paint colours i had to hand mix due to the fact that the paints reconmended on this sight are new to impos to get in the uk, so did loads of colour tests, to get it as close as pos. With all the weatering done it should look about right, i hope,lol :lol:
ok iv done a little more work started the weathering and painted the RF ear section,
only :angry big prob is that i snaped my T visor trying to reshape it a bit to fit in better, Dam Dam, have orderd a new one.

started working on my gountlets to, god thay need a lot of work, thats what you get for trying to save money and bying cheep of Ebay,lol


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nice work man!!

hmm... you don't really need to, but you might want to test some with misting, wichever colours you prefer, and spray them on!!

that will really dirty up the helmet, afterwaerds, redo your silver scratches a bit and I think that would look great!!

just a tip...

like I said, don't really need to! :cheers
Still, that gaunt doesn't look too bad. The front edge under the key pad will need to get reduced. BUT, sharp edges make a good base for a nice left're on your way.
good job Mando, I do believe the Dent told you that was your ONLY warning last time, consider this your BANNING POST!
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