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Duran Lomax

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Well, this is my raw, just-cut armor. No sanding, no paint, no primer. I still have some parts to cut out, but I used the trash can method (I had planned to create KOTOR-era Mandalorian armor, but my budget, coupled with my inexperience, would not permit the creation of the helmet).

Anyway... what do you think?



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Looks good. It's time to add some damage to that armor. Are you doing the neck plate, shoulder bells, and back plate too? Good luck.
Definately; those sections of armor require another trash can. I have the templates printed out, though.
And battle damage will come soon; my dad has a dremmel, and is going to teach me how to use it.
I figured I'd give him credit and thanks anyway; he probably worked hard on those templates, and deserves that much.

but here's some updated stuff:


and the back plate; it has yet to be formed completely to my body, but that will come soon. Does hot water work as well on trash can plastic as it does Sintra?



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