my armor


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Well from the insperation from shadowfury and me Im going to redo my armor! all the way i ripped it off My shirt and Reorginized trimmed it a little,Now tommorow Im going to paint it maybe black red... but not so sure bout red but heres a pic of my trash-can armor with out the shirt! To me it looks beter with out it! ;) well i did doodle on :lol: when i was bored tried to make i look better but it didnt look any greater

Its smaller because im makin it for my one bro! hes been wanting some fett armor or some kind of armor for a few weeks now! well here it is

Nice nice, and remember, next time, attach velcro, buckles or magnets to the vest/shirt so you can take easily take it off and rearrange it if it doesn't look as well.

May the TDH Spirit be with you!
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