My armor painted with the Rouge Studios paints (new pic)

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I'll start it off. Here is mine done with the US med green for the main armor and the Reefer yellow and UP armor yellow for the knees and bells.

Here is a pic of the final AB plate finished, I "may" work on the lighter green on the right side, but I think it is done. I beat the heck out of it. The semi gloss clear paint does wonders on it, I doubt I will go back to flat clear paint for this, the clear brings out the colors soooooooo much better.

I have done some further weathering on the green armor since these pics.


Bells and knees


*** MY ARMOR*** before I repainted it with the new colors.

I was VERY close to the color using my misting techniques.

Come on guys/gals lets see more, I know alot of you have gotten these paints, lets see your progress.....

46 views and nobody has started using these paints yet?? With the people that seem to be gathering the paints for the buckets must started some armor. Come on you painting slackers, lets see those pics... ;) :lol: :lol:

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Lynn, your armor is looking mighty darn fine bro!! Nice job w/ Lee's colors. I look forward to seeing how my armor looks painted!!!

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Sorry Lynn, I haven't had time to go find the paints yet, much less start repainting. :( I'll get to it sometime soon though.
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THanks guys/gals!! I did even more weathering to it since those first pics and I posted the final AB plate in teh first post.

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love the overall look and finish top job

Im getting some MLC armour soon and did you build the paint layers up for eg

did you mask the area to show the silver etc... using liquid laytex glue and then pull it off to get the layered effect?

This is what im thinking of doing to mine when i get it.


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For some reason I can never get any of your pics to work in Netscape or IE.

But to answer your questions yes and no......

The first paint job was totally done topically, this repaint I took and liquid masked off the major battle damage and then I painted the main color, then pulled the mask off and touched up the damage. Then I went in full tilt and did the rest of the damage topically and real damamge.

A quick mini painting tutorial if you go with the liquid masking technique.....

1) was and sand all pieces very well
2) Prime, sand, putty imperfections as needed, and repeat if nessecary.
3) final prime after puttying is done, sand.
4) paint chrome, silver, aluminum, what ever color you want.
5) liquid mask off damaged areas that you want let dry.
6) paint you main color let dry.
7) pull off mask
8) do your weathering topically or added real scratchs.
9) weather by misting with black paint, rub with black dust to get it dirty, dry brush lighter shades of paint to highlight things more.
10) use a black wash to darken and to blend everything together.
11) clear wit a flat or semi gloss sealer.
12)done and enjoy

That is a very quick painting step guide/tutorial.

You could fill an entire book if everything I listed was described in full detail.

I have building and painting for almost 30 years and I don.t even think about this stuff anymore.

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