My ammo belt and girth belt (almost) DONE


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Hi, ive finnished them (well i just need to add the belt parts on the girth belt to finnish it) at last!!! Ive hand sewn the whole belt (no sewing machine involved!!) Ive also painted up the girth belt and added some other dark brown on it with watercolour pencils and just hobby paint to age it up a bit.

What do you think of it, i like to know just to make sure its gunna look good for my fancy dress :cheers !!
(sorry if the picture is bad,i havent really got to grips with making photos look good with a small amount of memory :confused :rolleyes )

Hummm. i think it might be the belt...i might paint it a bit more...or a could just but loads of dust on it...or going to eat ginger biscuits now...yum yum
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