My alu armour so far...with free blueprint download


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hi all

heres some sneak pics of my ROTJ armour using my own templates that ive drawn up and a fellow member has cut out for me....

he even put the dents and bent it for me also, this is about as far as ive got in the last 2months due too lack of cash but its getting there.

still having trouble doing the boba boot templates as there so much hard work than i was expecting but hopefully get those done






MegalomaniacalMandalore wrote:

Great stuff. I did a double-take at first, when it looked like your outfit was sporting a bow tie.
What? Fett's not allowed to have a little class?


Nice lookin' armor my friend!

Darth Squeet

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Looks like it'll turn out great. (y)
I really like the metal armor some of the TDHers have. Thinking of giving er a go when I finnish)if ever) my current projects.