My 95 DP



I got a 95 don post helmet on ebay for a mere 80 dollars its even auto'd by Jeremy. Any thoughts as to why the price was so low? I don't think its because of warp but you can check some pics here
it has a slightly smooshed in right side but other than that the only bad thing I can find about the helmet is that it was worn by a smoker. But after 3 days and almost an entire bottle of febreeze it smells tolerable.

BTW I can't get myself to repaint it cuz the auto is my only of Jeremy Bulloch
Did the seller know it was 95 and further know the benefits for that release?

On a similar note a little while back I happened to find an auto'd helmet (from a signature series in 1997) but I could see the interior of the helmet and swore it looked white in the auction. It also came with a mirrored back/bottom plexiglass case! All BIN for $120.00!!!

I took a chance, grabbed it, and sure enough it was a dp95 white interior, signed with COA and a plexicase. Well I already have a JB auto and plenty of helmets. I planted my personally signed helmet in the case and sold the 95dp for what I paid for the whole lot. $120 for a white 95dp is a great price signed or not, so the only guy that got ripped was the original seller.

Just chalk yours up to right place at the right time :)

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If the sig is authentic...I'd just put it under glass, shelf it, and
go look for another helmet to go play with.

My two cents, anyway.
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