MSH2 vs. MLC Boba Bucket


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MLC recently sent me his Bucket to repaint for him...
And since I've taken comparison pics with all the other Buckets I've come arcoss.......I wanted to share these to help those trying to make a decision on what bucket they should go with.

As you notice the ear pieces are already on the MLC2.
It's a Very well put together bucket and is EXTREMELY CLEAN as is the MSH2.

I would say that these two Buckets are the two largest buckets out there....and even though in these pics the FettPride MSH2 looks to be bigger or taller....I would have to say that if you're a Bigger person....6 2" and over, or just have a REALLY Big HEAD:lol: ....the MLC2 seems to be the Bigger of the two.

Again...both Great Buckets.(y)






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WOW...another great comparison shot from Spidey!!

Hey man can I have your FETTPRIDE bucket??

and you FETTPRIDE armor

Oh and will you paint it for me??
In one corner we Have the infamous Spideyfett. Dances like a butterfly and stings like a butterfly er I mean Bee. And in the other corner....

Ok thats stupid, but seriously thats awesome. Any weight difference?
cal196 said:
Ok thats stupid, but seriously thats awesome. Any weight difference?

Hey Cal..
Yeah, that is one of the first things I noticed.....again keep in mind that the MLC2 was shipped to me with the ears already attached, but the MLC2 is just little heavier. Heavier in a good REAL Expensive heavy..:lol:
What a great comparison. I always love to see the differences. I like that you took a "inside" helmet shot with them laying on there face. It realy shows the flair difference.
Nice comparison...I've always known the MLC to be the largest of the buckets, but it wasn't until viewing that final one that finally stopped me second guessing myself:)

Steve (y)
Thanks spidey, i was wondering what helmet was the largest, i asked everybody,MS daz, tk-409...the pics and info you posted answered all!!!!
thank you once again....:)
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