MR Owners... Pic help!


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Hey guys,

Can any MR helmet owners pls take a picture of the "top" of their ESB helmet.

or if anyone can post a pic of the REAL helmet top, other than what is in the Fett Ref. archives..

I'd like a better idea on where the top scratch is and all damage around it.

Keep in mind I don't need pics of the dent... waaayyy to many of those shared already, I see a lot of tutorials for the ESB lids BUT no real details on the top.



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Here's a pic of an MR helmet that i no longer have.

and one from the TDH gallery

There is probably a better pic in the gallery,but I didn't wanna search thru the whole thing.


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That totally looks like **** AND is not very accurate at all... :facepalm

thx S1P for the quick reply..(y)

anyone else have a pic so i can compare, hopefully all MR aren't the same.
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