Movie Helmet-what to do with ears?

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On the Movie Sized Bucket what is everyone doing with the ears. Ive seen one add screws to make it removable, two at least having them made out of metal (very cool) and assuming removable, at least two glued and the others unreported. I'm considering just gluing them as I do not see myself repainting it when I get done. On a side note thanks to everyone posting their bucket pictures It got me motivated to fill/sand for three hours yesterday. Now 95% done :).
They are glued on. If you ever did want to re-paint it, all you would have to do is tape off the areas around the ears. This may be easier said than done, especially around the stalk.:)

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I was hoping to see someone machine them out of aluminum.Having them cast would increase the weight alot on the sides whereas machined ones are considerably lighter for any sort of mounting.

I'm going to glue them on and fill the seams with a little Bondo (except for the two right top pieces) The pics from the exhibits don't appear to have any seams.
Thanks guys

B Phat have you tried using the glaze that comes in the tube? It's with the bondo products and is real easy to sand with minimal effort. Haven't used much Bondo in a few years but put 120lbs of it on my first beat up old truck when I was a kid. I remember it being less forgiving than the glaze. I think I'll go with your route.

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