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i am finally about ready to get started on my movie bucket.

i have a question for those of you who have finished or at least gotten started with it. what is the best method to attach the ear pieces?

i was thinkin of just using adhesive but i am worried about the adhesive breaking down at some point.

thanks in advance!
Well, I haven't quite gotten to that point yet with mine but one thing to pay close attention to now is getting the surface that they attach to very flat. The side with the rangefinder I haven't had to do much work on, but the other side, I've had to bondo up a lot, and file down even more, and I still have some more raised spots to get off.

Once you have a good surface, I would assume that a good steel epoxy would probably hold it tight.

I'm using a steel epoxy on my new gauntlets and they are ROCK solid. I'm opening and closing them and they're not budging on the seam side. :)

I just roughed mine up on the back sides with sand paper and used 5 minute 2 part liquid epoxy for mine. You can bolt them also as some have, but it is definatly NOT needed. Epoxy will be just fine.
Dont forget about Probond! that thing is freaking awesome!!

Maybe she should keep this thread going for questions regarding this baby - As we all work in our movie size helmets. :)
All you guys with jobs!!! I bow to your presense. ;)
If I had extra $ floating around, I'd have cool things like movie helmets, FP gauntlets, and such also!

Hey man If i was you. I would go and hit one of those express way exits. I heard those guys make like 160.000 a year. just kidding man. I'm telling you dude - you should move ot chicago.

thanks for the responses!

i definately have to get that pro bond stuff. i have a few projects coming up that could use it. ;)
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