Most Accurate Jango Armor Templates?

I haven't seen any accurate "public" templates. All the accurate Jango armor I have seen has come from templates made by that person.
They're not of the better templates I've seen but not 100% accurate either. I've seen people trying to pass Boba templates as Jango templates.
I have too. That is why I am looking for Jango's. Does anybody know what the differences are between Jango's and Boba's
My version of Jango was done independently from the Boba Fett armor. They don’t have much in common except the basic shapes. If there are any suggestions on where these templates need adjusting please let me know.

Alan, One thing I see is that Jango's shoulders have eight sides to them. I don't have a pic at hand but you will see what I mean when you see a pic.
I'm guilty of the "not too accurate" templates. Most of this comes from my being limited to Microsoft Word to draw them. The Wizard's templates, as I've posted previously, blow mine away. So much. in fact, that I'm using them for my Jodo Kast armor. :)

From the pictures I had top of the shoulder armor appeared to be a smooth curve (see the first link), but after looking at the arena picture (the second link) I can see the 8 sides. Thank you for the help. I’ll make the change.

On another point I am not trying to pass off anything on anybody. These templates are offered free of charge, use them or not, it’s totally up to you. If someone wants a set sized to fit them, I am more than willing to do that as well, again for FREE.

Constructive criticism is always welcome if I have missed something please let me know I am more than willing to correct the drawings and make them available to anyone that wants them.


Thank you for the support and the compliment. I’d like to see your results. If you need a larger set let me know.

What I did was to cut the indivual pieces out and paste them into Miscrosoft Word with my current templates. Then I sized the image to match my "proven" sizes and then cut the old templates. The belly had to go on a 17" x 11" but it's all looking good so far. :)

No problem on the support - I recognize good work when I see it.
Glad to help Alan. That first pic you posted does look like 6 sides. Maybe there were 2 sets made? Could be just an opticle illusion.
After looking at some pictures of Jango's armor it looks like the bottom thing is bigger that the top thing(don't know what it is called). I will let the picture talk for me.



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No problem. I have a couple more pic if you want them. By the way your templates you made for me look great.
The changes have been made (it been a slow day). Please send over the pictures. I only have a few reference shots of Jango’s actual armor. I need all the help I can get.

I'm glad you liked them. Please double check the proportions, I did a lot of guessing.

Here are the pictures. Hope they help.






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Hey everyone sorry if this is a stupid question, but im having trouble getting the Jango templates to print at the appropriate size. I used Gimp, is there a program you recommend to use instead?
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