Most accurate Helmet out there ??


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I have post a thread in the armor section asking the same on armour... but I would like to know what do you think is the most accurate helmet:

MSH2 vs. MS3 vs. BM vs MLC .... or other ???

I really would like to know which one is simply the best, cause I´m trying to get the most accurate as possible...

No more, thank you so much, and excuse me for asking this "stupid" question that must be the most asked here :$.



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ok let me do this again. in my vote tally the MSH2 wins #1 although youll have better luck finding the holy grail then geting one of these. the MS3 wins a close #2 then i have to say........ i guise BM gets #3 & MLC gets #4

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The RS helmet would be first because it is cast from the original Prepro 2 helmet (and later compared dimensionally and feature-wise to two other original helmets), but it is not commercially available.

From a linneage standpoint, either the MR helmet, if it is produced, or a Mystery Helmet (Sarge Fang/Marrow Sun/Ect...) would be the two commercially available helmets closest to an original. There are a few trade-offs between the two.

Every other helmet comes after that because they are custom sculpts.This is not a knock against the many impressive scuplts that have been done; to the contrary, I'm extremely impressed by the scratch built helmets many TDHers have produced.

It is simply impossible to recreate and capture all the features and oddities of the original from scratch.
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ops, I forgot to mention... ESB Style... and about the size of the head.. is not important, I just want it to be 1:1 movie scale, the most accurate as possible...

I guess the winners are between MSH2 and MS3... hard to tell isnt it ??? (would love to hear more comments and opinions as well)


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ESB helmet, same recommendation: a Mystery Helmet/MR. The brow repair is a relatively minor feature that you can do yourself. It's only since the helmet has been on tour that you can even tell the brow has the repair.


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Here's a question for the Fett gurus out there....

Let me preface it first with saying this is in NO WAY meant to start a flame war of any kind. I'm honestly curious.

Could someone show or tell me what makes the MS version more accurate than the MSH2? I know the size is one example... I believe the MSH2 is a bit bigger but what else is there? For some reason I can't pick it out myself even though I've been participating in these forums for years.