more rotj blaster pics from boston


Sr Hunter
since my blaster photos didn't come out all that well the first time 'round, i shot a couple of new ones.

it's too bad i didn't plan for this better. the first round of reference photos i took there, i used a tripod with a crappy, slow lens (F3.5-F5.6). this time i shot handheld using a faster lens (F2.8). if i had the tripod with me yesterday, i'm sure everything would have been perfectly sharp. oh well, i'll have 1 more shot at this in a couple of weeks :)









the links under the photos are the full sized ones, between 3-5 megs each depending on the photo.

the whole set can be seen here:

with the newer ones starting here:
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asok said:
I love the caption saying that it is from ESB.

there are a ton of errors like that throughout the exhibit. always good to know that we know the stuff better than the people that are in charge of taking care of it ;)
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