Molex connectors on ESB flamethrower?


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Am I seeing this right?
are they similar to the scope mount greeblies on the EE-3?

ESB left gauntlet screencap.JPG


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hmm... than it would consist out of 2 connectors, as one connector has 2x3 holes and I count 4 on that pic.

would that fit? I think the holes are also a little bigger on the flamethrower.

does look like a connector though...

Jango Fett Jr

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I do think it's very possible, since molex connectors are used to connect wires, though I don't think this one would be anything like the ones on the gun.


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I *think* that might be the shadow cast from the three "top" plates that sit on the rear assembly of the flame thrower...I am checking reference pics as we speak.

The rear of the flame thrower (near your elbow when you are wearing it) consists of a base block and three top blocks...on each side of each top block is a small half round ridge...that I think is what you are seeing. Here is a rear view...while I continue looking for he answer.

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Tyler Durden

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After reviewing various photos, I don't think it's a molex connector, but I do believe it's somewhat similar and plastic. If you look at various photos of the cubes mounted to that piece, you'll notice they shift and become misaligned. That's just my personal thought on it, though.


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It's starting to look like it might be two seperate "two pin" connectors. If they were applied to the base block seperately, it would definately explain the shifting of the top cubes.