Modifying Bobamaker flightsuit (adding height)


New Hunter
I purchased a Boba Maker jumpsuit through the Cargo hold, and its just a little bit too tight for me height wise. Could it be an easy fix to break the waist seem and add 2 or 3 inches in there with just an extra length of fabric? My only concern is matching the grey color of the suit with new fabric. Does it seem like an easy fix? or am i asking for trouble by trying to take it apart / put it back together?
i would cut it in half, sew the new material in. But I would do the cutting in half where the vest will be so you do not see it. I have the same problem, but mine is a JC Penny jumpsuit.
I don't think matching the colors will be a big concern as the waist will be covered by the belts. I really couldn't tell you about anything else as I have absolutely no experience with sewing.
i think im going to cut it higher up between the waist / chest. im filling it with this olive drab material from an old east german jacket. its pretty tough. I have to cut it higher now though so that the vest blocks the drab material. haha...wish me luck. Its a pretty penny gone if i screw it up. haha
I just finished it actually, came out very good i might add, added about 2-3 inches in the upper chest area, which drops it down a little more comfortable around the waist / groin area. If anything it might be alittle tooo low now, but im sure its fine! I just have to reposition the waist velcrow on it for the groin armor.
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