MLC helmet owners - show us your buckets.

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Hi all,
I just closed a deal for a MLC helmet for my ESB Fett. I'm 5'11" and 210 lbs. I've had helmet problems in the past with them being too small so I figure better to go with the largest bucker available.

Anyway, any tips or pics would be very helpful. Especially from anyone around my size. :)
Here's a pic and a <A HREF="
" TARGET="_blank">link</A> to some more pics of an MLC-1 bucket I painted for a friend over here in the UK. I had started doing it RotJ for myself (hence the "dribble" from the dent and one or two other RotJ type bits of damage), but he expressed an interest and I needed to divert some funds to the blaster project, so off it went after I finished it as ESB.

It was my first attempt at a helmet and I was quite pleased with the result.

I never had that particular bucket as part of my finished costume, I went for the MLC-2, which having seen a pic of them side by side is pretty much identical in size to a MSH.

The MLC-1 is about 0.5" bigger all round. I didn't find it to be "too" big, but it was big, especially when I was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt rather than the Fett suit, and my only point of reference prior to having that was a DP97!

It looks very ESB, in that in some ref pics of the bucket/suit from ESB, the bucket looks HUGE! plus, whilst I haven't seen it at any of the exhibitions, some who have report it to be even bigger than it looks in the ref shots.

If you've got a big melon, or you're a bigger framed guy, then MLC-1 is ideally suited! Plus there's loads of space for your fans, voice amp, RF servo's etc.


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